A website is a crucial aspect to any growing company. In this digital era, an online presence is necessary to reach potential customers. It is a place where your customers know they can get reliable information and where your business can stand apart from others.

 The main reason some businesses don’t think they need a website is that it would not be relevant to their business or industry. Any business in any industry can benefit from having a website.

“A website would never not be relevant to a business. Every company within a specific industry would benefit from having their presence known online. If you are selling something, why not reach consumers the fastest way possible in order to increase your sales immediately?”

– James Trumbly, Founder and Managing Partner at HMG Creative

Online Presence

Technology is constantly growing and with more ways than ever to connect online, consumers need an easy way to locate your business. With over 3 billion Google searches per day, new customers could be seconds away from finding you and your business. Don’t forget your website will be available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let your website do the work while you build your business and brand.


Information for Customers

Posting updates, hours of operation and specials is a big part of any business. Your customers want to know what is going on and when. With 26% of adults not using social networking sites, those customers may miss out on a sale or holiday closing information. By having your information on your website, you ensure that your customers can depend on your business and will want to come back in the future. By making this information available in one place you will have time to focus on your business instead of fielding phone calls about holiday hours and specials.



Online sales are a growing demand among consumers. Customers want to have the ability to purchase a product online or have pricing information available at their fingertips. US mobile phone and tablet commerce sales are predicted to make up more than half on US ecommerce sales by 2018. Forrester also forecasts “total US online retail sales to reach $414 billion by 2018 — 11% of all retail sales.” (Forrester)



The study mentioned above found that 30% of small business owners who do not have a website cited cost as their reason. Having a website can greatly increase your online sales and help market your business. With website plans as low as $5.99 a month, one or two sales from your website a month can cover the cost of the website entirely!


Global reach

Why stop at marketing locally when you can market globally. A website is the easiest way to reach consumers around the globe. Your website can promote a strong brand and deliver a consistent message. If you sell goods and services, why not expand your reach to other countries? By having a website you will also be able to market to customers who may be visiting from out of town. A website is the best way to offer a coordinated digital product to potential customers.