An effective website consists of several important factors, but functionality and design are the two most important. As the world goes more and more mobile, perhaps the number one factor in functionality is whether or not your site is responsive. That’s a fancy way of referring to whether or not your site automatically adapts to multiple screen sizes. With so many different mobile devices coming in a multitude of sizes, this function is extremely important. Think of the last time you tried to access a website on your phone that was designed for a desktop computer? You probably didn’t stay on that site very long.

Think Mobile

According to Google, the importance of having a responsive design cannot be understated. The search giant has said that: “There is a multitude of different screen sizes across phones, phablets, tablets, desktops, game consoles, TVs, and even wearables. Screen sizes will always be changing, so it’s important that your site can adapt to any screen size, today or in the future.” If you’re website is not currently responsive then you need to reconsider your approach immediately. Every visitor on a mobile device that leaves your site because it doesn’t fit his or her screen is one less potential customer.

Easy To use

Your website should not only be responsive but it should also be easy to use and simple to navigate. That includes fast download times when clicking from page to page within your site. If it takes longer than three seconds for a page to load, the visitor is likely going to give up and simply move on. That could result in another missed opportunity.

Attractive Design Matters

Besides being functional, an effective website must also look good. It needs to portray your message and be easy to read and understand. If your site lacks a professional feel your visitors are more likely to leave and less likely to return. Conversely, when your site has a professional and pleasant looking appearance, visitors are likely to stay longer and to return again at a later time.

Important Website Features

Of course, an effective website should include several other basic features, including tabs for all the important subpages within your site. It should also contain important information about your company and the goods and/or services you offer. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to employ effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to help drive more visitors to your new and improved site. In addition to building effective websites, at NUVEW we also offer several SEO tools aimed at increasing your overall traffic and helping drive sales.