JOHNDIGITAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED is a leading provider of expert IT services. We believe that your company is in the best position to reap the benefits of our professional expertise in digital and ICT solutions.

IT Solutions are our specialization and we pride ourselves in offering a more personalized and professional service. Our aim is to modernize business systems and operations using the latest information systems technology. We aim to operate and service information systems that enable our customers achieve their business objectives and goals. We intend to achieve this through continuous pursuit of professional, technical and service excellence for the benefit of our clients.

All of our services include as much input as you would like to give, including working closely with your existing marketing efforts.
Objects for establishment
(i) To carry on the business of providing digital online and social media marketing and
advertising services internet, internet related and information technology services including the
setting up of internet hubs, digital and other links to the world wide web, world wide web
facilities, email facilities, web hosting facilities, digital facsimile facilities, speed dialing facilities
and all services related to the business of an internet service provider.