In the current landscape, businesses can no longer rely solely on through the door trade in order to survive. The modern consumer expects to be able to interact with businesses online as well as in real life. We help businesses of every size attract, communicate with, and retain customers online. Best of all, we tailor solutions to your business and budget to actually get results – simple!


Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.
Digital channels are still relatively new and fast-changing. Many businesses have not responded adequately i.e. with proper strategy to enhance use of the unique opportunities digital tools offer, to enhance external communications and marketing activities. If you market and sell products or services to a middle-class clientele, you need to extend your strategy to include the internet.

We live in a digital age.
An age that is exciting, fast-paced and constantly moving forward.
Channels such as SEO, Social Media and Display Advertising are no longer separate entities to be handled individually – but interlocking practices that can benefit and reinforce each other to greater online success.


With the increased usage of Internet it is becoming extremely important to Manage and secure your internet / network backbone. Smart guard provides simple yet effective solution for anyone wanting to manage and secure internet network traffic.  The software is already in use with a positive feed back on key features including content filter,firewall,graphs,mail server,subscriber management, prepaid billing.
Billing Management System
Human resource management

Smart HR partner is the thorough management of an organization’s workforce. It comprises of Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing & Controlling, while overseeing organizational leadership & culture, ensuring the statutory compliance, with labour laws. By integrating with existing document management system, Smart HR partner bridges the gap between employees & department to provide Human Resource Management Solutions. It also helps in the desired processes like inter- viewing, Reports & Appraisal by processing HR reports.


We ensure compatible brand visualization, up to date background check for client reference on the online world through professional mechanism based on needs analysis in a long term strategy.
With the ICT industry’s tremendous expansion thanks to the mobile phone revolution and the exponential growth of the internet; through the years, we have mastered the skills and understand that every business is personal.
Our company is in pursuit of attaining excellence in our field through our dedicated technical and sales team. We are committed to providing outstanding quality at reasonable prices complimented by our efficient and versatile customer support system, so as to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
Capture your markets with ground-breaking 24/7 live online presence, outdoor, indoor, Cloud services and live stream.


Our Products and services cater for field as diverse as (SMAC) social,Mobile,analytics,cloud.

As technology transforms, the scope to use it creatively to execute strategies is now greater. We solve real world problems through the platforms we build. Our team has a long history of creating complex Intranets, E-commerce platforms, Mobile applications as well as integrating websites with legacy systems.







John Digital offers a full range of digital marketing services in Kenya but if no one knows about your business, how do you sell those products and services? That’s where we come in. We use the latest technology and the most modern digital marketing techniques to create awareness for your brand and drive the right people to your site. Once you have the traffic, you can then focus on converting casual browsers into paying customers.